10 Strange facts from around the world

While is possible again to go out and explore the world in person right now, we can look forward to planning our next trip. To help you plan, we’ve gathered 10 fascinating facts from around the world – oddities and unknowns that may inspire your inner explorer.

#1 The largest underwater sculpture in the world is located in the Bahamas


Despite the water being exceptionally pure, New Providence offers more than meets the eye. Ocean Atlas, the largest underwater sculpture in the world (weighing 60 tonnes and measuring 18 feet tall), lies submerged beneath the surface of the water. Jason deCaires Taylor, the artist who created it, makes numerous underwater sculptures that frequently entice colorful marine life back to a formerly lifeless bottom.

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#2 The world’s coldest inhabited location is Oymyakon, Russia

oymyakon russia

The valley of Oymyakon in Yakutia, also known as The Pole of Cold, is in northeast Russia. Temperatures can reach -70°C here, and even alcohol freezes. This seemingly uninhabitable village is home to 500 Siberian people who work in traditional occupations such as reindeer herding, hunting, and fishing. Tourism is also growing in popularity among those willing to brave the harsh conditions.

#3 Denmark is the world’s cleanest country


Denmark has a lot going for it: charm, culture, and coffee. It is now considered a global environmental pioneer, having been named the cleanest country in the world by the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) for 2021. Denmark’s forward-thinking environmental attitude is visible in everyday life, such as the city’s cutting-edge CopenHill building. It’s a waste energy plant that converts garbage into heat and power, but it also has a dry ski slope on the roof. Throughout the year, both families and professionals can be found enjoying the adrenaline rush to the bottom.

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#4 Granada, Spain is known as Europe’s “Cave Capital”

granada spain

The Granada caves of Sacromonte and Guadix are home to communities that still practice the ancient Spanish cave-dwelling way of life, which dates back to the 15th century. 2,000 underground houses have been discreetly carved into a rocky formation here. Historically, people fled to these caves to avoid religious and racial persecution. Today, they provide a place where residents can continue to live off the land as centuries of people have done before them.

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#5 Croatia’s Galesnjak is the most perfect heart-shaped island


While there are many heart-shaped islands in the world, Galesnjak in Croatia has been named the most perfect of them all. It was previously uninhabited, but work is now underway to transform it into an unforgettable romantic getaway destination that will soon host wedding ceremonies and honeymoons.

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#6 A replica of Paris in China

paris china

Little Paris is a neighborhood on the outskirts of Hangzhou, China. This luxury real estate development is an architectural and engineering marvel, complete with an Eiffel Tower replica (though one-third the size of the real thing, it’s still the second largest replica after the one at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel in the United States), an Arc de Triomphe, a Champs Elysées, a fountain from the Jardin du Luxembourg, and even near-perfect replicas of the French capital’s boulevards of cream, neoclassical buildings.

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#7 Mongolia has the world’s lowest population density


Mongolia is a vast landlocked country that stretches from Russia to China in the north and south. It may not be the world’s largest country in terms of land area, but it has the lowest population density – in some areas, you can go days without seeing another person. With such diverse and dramatic landscapes as mountainous terrains, rolling plateaus, grasslands, and arid desert steppes, it may just be the escape we’ve all been looking for.

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#8 Central Park in New York is the most-filmed location in the world

new york central park

Central Park is a haven for New Yorkers who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. As America’s first public park, it features grassy areas, monuments, sculptures, endless bridges, migratory birds, and even a zoo, providing savvy location scouts with limitless options.

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#9 In a Turkish village, ‘bird language’ is still used in everyday life


Kuşköy, a Turkish village, has a rare, whistling language known as ‘bird language.’ Despite its name, this language is used to communicate with villagers scattered across the steep mountainous terrain of Kuşköy. The messages can be as complex as human language, and the use of high-pitched sounds is a brilliant way to communicate over long distances. This centuries-old custom is also on the UNESCO 2017 list of Intangible Cultural Heritage, so we might be able to hear the whistles bounce over the tree canopy in person someday.

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#10 In less than a day, you can walk across Liechtenstein


If exploring a city on a weekend used to sound like a fun challenge, try walking across a country in a matter of hours. Liechtenstein is a small but beautiful country that spans only 25 kilometers north to south and 4 kilometers east to west, so you can hike across the country in a matter of hours regardless of which direction you hike. The only catch is that, due to its location in the heart of the Alps, you should expect some steep inclines along the way.

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