Shortest passenger flight – travelling just 1.7 miles

short flight

A travel vlogger shared his experience on the world’s shortest passenger flight, which lasts one minute and 14 seconds.

Noel Philips shot the video while flying between the islands of Papa Westray and Westray in the Scottish archipelago of Orkney – a distance of only 1.7 miles.

This service, which can carry up to eight passengers, runs twice a day with Loganair.

The 41-year-old explains that because the plane is so small, no hand luggage is permitted. When you board, everything has to go into the boot.


I took the worlds shortest flight, which is so short it will fit into one TikTok video. #shortestflight

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Noel, from Mansfield, Derbyshire, also emphasizes how popular these short routes are with tourists and aviation enthusiasts.

‘I love flying on small flights like this and visiting some of the world’s most remote communities,’ he says.

‘Scotland has so many of these tiny flights connecting the remote communities in the islands, and it’s so easy to travel to from the UK.’

‘The planes that serve these islands are quite small; it’s like boarding a minibus!’


‘There were several people on my flights who were staying on the islands and just wanted to experience the world’s shortest flight.’

‘However, it is also necessary for locals to be able to connect with Kirkwall and leave or return to the islands.’

Some critics argue that the flight’s length is environmentally unsustainable, but the alternative is a 20-minute boat ride through choppy waters.

The local council has discussed building a bridge to connect Papa Westray and Westray, but nothing has been approved thus far.


Noel’s flight cost him £17 in total, making it one of the most ‘expensive flights’ in the world based on the cost-per-mile ratio.

But this was all in a day’s work for Noel, who has traveled on some of the world’s most unusual flights, trains, and transportation links – and has reviewed the world’s ‘longest,’ ‘worst,’ and most ‘dangerous’ flights.

‘I’ve been a full-time travel vlogger for three years now,’ says Noel. Prior to this, I was an IT consultant with YouTube as a side hobby.

‘I’ve been an aviation enthusiast since I was a child, and I began sharing my passion with others through YouTube in 2013.


‘I was fortunate enough to be able to take it full-time in 2019 when my channel grew to the point where it demanded more of my time than my full-time job.

‘Since then I’ve travelled around the world and made videos on every continent – apart from Antarctica!

‘I consider myself very fortunate to have what I consider to be the best job in the world: flying around the world on unique airlines and pursuing my passion, then returning home to spend months with my family.’

‘I still have countries to visit and airlines to fly with.’ Every time I think I’ve “done it all,” I discover another experience to add to my list.’

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