Blogger shows the problems of traveling as a plus-size person


We all have issues with flying, but traveling as a plus-size person is especially difficult.

Plus-size blogger Jae’lynn Chaney believes that airlines simply do not accommodate larger bodies.

She’s telling her story to educate people about the realities of ‘flying while fat.’

The 25-year-old from Vancouver, Canada, continues to travel the world despite the fact that she claims airlines aren’t designed for people her size.

‘I find that many situations associated with plus-size travel are the least accommodating of my weight,’ she says.

‘From public transportation with seatbelts that don’t fit me or seats that are too small, to plane bathrooms that I can’t even fit in,’ says one plus-size traveler.

Jae’lynn wears a US size 6XL (UK size 24) and suffers from chronic pain and disabilities.

After being diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, the 25-year-old claims she has gained “hundreds of pounds” (PCOS).

‘After graduating from college in 2018, I became very sick, and it took them over a year to figure out what was wrong with me,’ she explained.

‘During that time, I was in and out of hospitals and was declared medically housebound until 2019, when I was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. I gained over 100 pounds more that year.’


According to Jae’lynn, if plus-sized people want to fly comfortably, they must also pay for two seats, which is prohibitively expensive for those on a tight budget.

Trolls mock her for wanting to travel in the first place, as if the inaccessibility of travel wasn’t enough.

Fatphobia, according to Jae’lynn, is widespread in society, so comments like this on her videos are unsurprising.

‘One person said that I’m going to cause a plane crash because of my size,’ she says.

‘Many of the comments suggest that I buy two tickets or that I should not be allowed to fly.’


Regardless of what others think, Jae’lynn will not let hatred stop her from living her best life – or from sharing the reality of traveling while fat.

In one video, she struggles to pull down a tray table, and in another, she and her partner struggle to fit into a toilet cubicle.

‘I’m constantly asked how the airplane bathrooms are for someone my size, so I thought I’d show you what it’s like from my fiancé’s perspective,’ she says.

Jae’lynn is part of a larger movement of plus-sized content creators who are documenting the reality of ‘flying while fat.’ Kirstyleanne, a British blogger, shares her travel experiences on TikTok to help plus-sized people travel the world.


Jae’lynn describes her mission as “empowering people to live their lives to the fullest” and “demonstrating that bodies of all sizes and abilities are just as worthy as those who fall into the societal norm of beauty.”

‘Bodies change and fluctuate over time, and I believe we should love and embrace our bodies at every stage of life,’ she added.

‘I’m sharing my travel experiences to show everyone that if they want to, they can travel the world.’

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