The World’s Most Serene Village, Home to 40,000 Tibetan Monks

Encircled by towering mountain ranges, the “Top of the World” is home to the highest and most secluded grassland plateau on the planet. Over 40,000 Tibetan Buddhist monks call this peaceful haven their home, dedicating thirteen years of their lives to intensive training in order to comprehend the true essence of existence.

1 tibetan monks

As one strolls through the narrow lanes, it is common to witness spontaneous acts of generosity and observe monks performing prostrations in front of holy sites. They strive to liberate themselves from mental barriers in order to achieve a state of perpetual bliss, enriched with the realization that all things possess an innate void of existence.

In this state of mind, Karma becomes pure, and suffering becomes an impossibility. Upon reaching enlightenment, a monk is freed from all constraints, empowering him to assist other sentient beings in recognizing that adverse situations are merely mental constructs.

Photographer Wanson Luk embarked on a 20-hour journey along a seemingly infinite winding road to reach the dreamlike village of Sêrtar. The images he captured encapsulate the essence of unblemished serenity.

2 tibetan monks
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