Why Is Now the Best Time to Book Flights for the Holidays

Flights for Thanksgiving and Christmas have already begun to rise in recent months, but the good news is that there are still potential deals to be found.

In fact, the worst thing a person can do is wait until the last minute to see if prices drop, because they almost never do.

Consider the suggestions below when booking holiday flights to help you save money.


The best time to find a Thanksgiving flight is 36 to 74 days before departure (just after Labor Day), while the average price for Christmas flights drops 22 days before departure. However, the search engine warns that this is “cutting it close,” as Christmas prices can drop between 20 and 88 days before departure.

The good news for travelers is that many US airlines have eliminated cancellation and change fees, allowing them to book now and rebook later if they find a better deal.


Another way to save money on a dream vacation abroad is to travel during the week of Thanksgiving, when international flight prices tend to fall, according to Keyes. During that week, a flight from New York to Lisbon, for example, would be less expensive than a flight from New York to Minneapolis.

Travelers are unlikely to find the same level of savings during the holidays, but winter flight prices are beginning to drop.


After a summer of chaos that saw over 100,000 flights canceled and nearly a million delayed in the United States, it’s reasonable to try anything to stay above the fray. Overall, airline delays have been blamed on a combination of staffing shortages and air traffic control issues, and several airlines, including American Airlines and United Airlines, have reduced their fall schedules in an effort to minimize disruptions.

Early morning flights and direct flights are two “tried and true strategies” for a smoother travel experience.

However, choosing only nonstop flights, for example, comes with a cost: according to Google, nonstop fares are 20% more expensive than those with stops.

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