Unlocking Luxury in the Depths: These 10 Cave Hotels Redefine Unforgettable Travel

#1 Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal, Mexico

waldorf astoria los cabos pedregal

What a stunning entrance. The only entry into the Waldorf Astoria Loas Cabos Pedregal is through Mexico’s first private cave tunnel, which passes through the Cabo San Lucas mountains and isolates the resort from Cabo San Lucas. Visitors to the five-star Waldorf Astoria are met with a margarita as they pass through the subterranean tunnels.

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#2 Grand Hyatt Baha Mar, Nassau, Bahamas

grand hyatt baha mar nassau bahamas

The Dean’s Blue Hole pool at Grand Hyatt Baha Mar, a luxury beachfront resort in Nassau, is famous for its swim-up aquarium with nurse sharks, stingrays, and sea turtles and adjacent 15-foot tall “cliff” jump. It features an underwater marine cavern inspired by one of the world’s deepest salt water sinkholes in Long Island, Bahamas.

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#3 Hyatt Regency Maui Resort And Spa, Maui

hyatt regency maui resort and spa maui

Swim-up bars don’t have to be associated with tacky spring getaways. The Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa’s exquisite Grotto Bar elevates the concept of aquatic drinking to new heights. You’ll never want to drink a Pina Colada anyplace else after experiencing it amongst waterfalls in a rustic cave environment.

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#4 Brasada Ranch, Butte, Oregon

brasada ranch butte oregon

Brasada Ranch, a rustic getaway located just north of Bend in Powell Butte, Oregon, is introducing a new outdoor adventure program this month called north Brasada. Guests looking for the ultimate snow-cation may now book a Snowcamp Weekend, during which they can experience the excitement of sleeping in an outdoor snow cave built by themselves in the Deschutes National Forest of the Cascade Mountain Range.

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#5 The Argos Cappadocia Hotel, Turkey

the argos cappadocia hotel turkey

A venture The Argos was erected 20 years ago from the ruins of an old monastic complex, with interconnected caves and underground tunnels, buildings, and mansions. The main structural features of the ancient structures were used to restore and modify the spaces. They have modern features and amenities, such as private swimming pools in certain “Splendid Suites.” Other design elements, such as stone soap holders, hardwood toilet paper holders, and rock or stone carved lighting fixtures, were envisioned as excellent design objects that call attention to the area itself.

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#6 The Roxbury At Stratton Falls, Catskills, NY

the roxbury at stratton falls catskills

The “Crown of the Pendragons” Roxbury at Stratton Falls combines Game of Thrones with King Arthur fantasy to provide the best of both worlds. The spacious chamber has its own turret that doubles as an opulent bathroom, complete with an 86-gallon circular bathtub and a three-tiered 20′ crown chandelier.

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#7 A Boutique Cave Hotel, Santorini, Greece

a boutique cave hotel santorini

When a property includes the word “cave” in its description, you know they are serious about this form of residence. Iconic Santorini, perched 1,000 feet above the turquoise waters of the Aegean, bills itself as a “boutique cave hotel” and offers Cliff and Cave Suites with facilities such as private internal plunge pools.

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#8 Canaves Oia Hotel, Santorini, Greece

canaves oia hotel santorini

Have the best of both worlds—a secluded pool that is also outside. With its freshly refurbished big one-bedroom, one-bathroom Executive Suite, Canvaes Oia Hotels’ take on cave luxury. The distinguished Small Luxury Hotels of the World organization recognized Canaves Oia hotel Hotel and Resort of the Year in 2018. We believe the cave pool played a role in their achievement…

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#9 The Meritage Resort And Spa, Napa Valley, CA

the meritage resort and spa napa valley

The Meritage Resort and Spa’s Spa Terra is a wellness cocoon where you can truly tune out the world. One of Napa Valley’s greatest spas, they recently added a CBD wellness experience—after all, this is California—that combines the calming, soothing properties of CBD with organic herbs like arnica and ginger.

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#10 The Caves Hotel, Jamaica

the caves hotel jamaica

There’s no mystery about what to anticipate at Jamaica’s The Caves Hotel. However, this isn’t a completely underground labyrinth of rooms. This natural preserve is unlike any other Caribbean resort, with cliffside villas, a large villa, private caves, and the famous Blackwell Rum Bar. The spa, jacuzzi, sauna, hot tub, and salt water swimming pool are only a few feet away from the beach.

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