The Top 9 Activities In And Around Page, Arizona

It is not surprising if you pass by the tiny town of Page while traveling through the US state of Arizona. You could not possibly know anything about the top things to do in and around Page without any prior knowledge. Ah, but the truth is that Page is virtually always included as one of the Southwest’s “great places to visit.”

Page, which straddles the border between Arizona and Utah, has more to offer tourists than you may imagine. Are you wondering what to do in Page? Now that you know, you can plan your next vacation to Page, Arizona, to maximize your enjoyment. Here are the top nine things to do in and around Page, Arizona, without further ado!

Waterholes Canyon Hike

waterholes canyon

You should definitely go to Waterholes Canyon if you’re having trouble getting into Antelope Canyon or if you just truly love slot canyons! South of Page, there is a tricky slot canyon called this one. A guide is necessary because the upper part of Waterholes Canyon is situated above Glen Canyon’s wall on the Navajo Reservation.

The lower portions empty into the stunning Glen Canyon National Recreation Area’s canyon to the river. Four miles later, Waterholes Canyon plunges 1,500 feet. It is comparable to Antelope Canyon, which is eight miles distant, but it receives much less visitors, which results in shorter tour wait times and less crowding.

Consider going to Glen Canyon Dam


Officially, the second-largest dam in the US is the aforementioned Glen Canyon Dam. It is a concrete arch-gravity dam built on the Colorado River that some observers regard as an engineering masterpiece. It is 710 feet high and was constructed between 1956 and 1966 by the US Bureau of Reclamation.

It can hold more than 25 million acre-feet. The dam is infamous for being named after the Glen Canyon, which was naturally created by a river. Indeed, according to reports, this dam continues to be “a fundamental concern” for a number of contemporary environmentalist movements. It is also accountable, as was already said, for Lake Powell’s existence. It’s a simple stop on your route somewhere else as well.

Explore Beautiful Antelope Canyon

the wave arizona

One of the most beautiful slot canyons in the American Southwest is Antelope Canyon, which is located in Arizona’s Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park. It features whirling sandstone walls. It is renowned among photographers and has an upper and lower part. It is said that the Upper part is simpler to reach.

Visitors must climb a lot of stairs and ladders in the bottom section. Of course, they are both gorgeous. You definitely need a Navajo guide to explore this canyon as of the time of publication.

Early in the morning or late in the day are the ideal times to visit Antelope Canyon. You will then be able to take in the most stunning vistas of the crimson granite at that time. Prepare and reserve your tour.

Watch the Desert Sunset


At Stud Horse Point, some tourists favor watching the sun set over the desert. It’s adjacent to Lone Rock at Lake Powell off of Highway 89 and features a variety of individually impressive hoodoos. The Wahweap Overlook over Lake Powell is another lovely location when we’re talking about Lake Powell. You should know that there are no signs that say “Wahweap View.”

You must learn about it from contemporary sources. It is not far from the Carl Hayden Visitor Center on Highway 89, which can help you find it. Horseshoe Bend is another well-liked location to see the sun set. Veteran tourists can attest, however, that the local desert always puts on a spectacular performance, regardless of where you are.

Enter the Charming Lake Powell


Arizona and Utah share a boundary with Lake Powell. It is essentially a man-made reservoir that was unintentionally created when the Colorado River’s level rose as a result of the old Glen Canyon being dammed. It is the second-largest artificial reservoir in the nation by maximum water capacity when it is full.

Up to 25,166,000 acre-feet of water can be stored there. Every year, almost two million tourists visit this area. Boating, flyboarding, jet-skiing, kayaking, rafting, swimming, and other activities are available here as well. Despite the numerous water sports that are offered there, the lake still seems pristine and unspoiled.

Trek To The Well-known Hanging Gardens

hanging gardens

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is home to the well-known Hanging Gardens. Visitors should use caution and step carefully, both literally and figuratively, as the region is said to be exceedingly delicate. In fact, the earth here can disintegrate just from human and animal foot movement.

This well-known, verdant small riparian sanctuary is accessible via a simple, one-mile interpretive hiking trail built by the park service. Given the dry surroundings, it is rather remarkable. A pleasant change from the Martian-like desert scenery that is typical of that region is provided by this natural grouping of green ferns that are hanging from the craggy rock wall just in front of you. For those who want to get out of their car and stretch their legs but aren’t quite ready for a true trek, it’s also a fantastic, cost-free, and enjoyable choice.

Journey to Horseshoe Bend

horseshoe bend

This stunning Glen Canyon National Recreation Area’s horseshoe-shaped incised meander of the Colorado River, sometimes known as the “east rim of the Grand Canyon,” is located less than four miles outside of Page and five miles downstream from Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon Dam. A parking space just off US Route 89 in southwest Page leads to a hiking trail that is 1.5 miles roundtrip.

It was comparatively disregarded before 2015, nevertheless. Due to the area’s popularity, there is now a sizable parking lot, a controlled trail, and even a designated observation platform. You will need to pay at least $10.00 to park your car there as of the time of publication.

Rafting On The Powerful Colorado River


Heartily agreeing with this addition to the list is your rovin’ writer! Although it is undoubtedly less thrilling than whitewater rafting, it is unquestionably more inclusive and family-friendly. A pleasant break can also be had by going whitewater rafting on the Colorado River after you’ve just finished hiking the famous Grand Canyon from rim to rim. While it is true that it is not quite as difficult as whitewater rafting or kayaking, it can nevertheless transport you to a variety of picturesque local locations, like the famous Horseshoe Bend. As you travel and take in the views, unwind!

Visit Rainbow Bridge National Monument by boat

rainbow bridge1

The Rainbow Bridge is without a doubt one of the highest natural bridges in the world, despite their being some disagreement over its exact height. It measures 33 feet wide at the top. Several of the local Native American tribes value it culturally.

It has been recognized as a legitimate Traditional Cultural Property by the National Park Service. By taking a boat cruise to the Rainbow Bridge National Monument, you can cross off a few sights from your bucket list in Page. You will visit the stunning Rainbow Bridge as well as Lake Powell during this multi-hour tour, among other things.

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