The scariest swing in the world


Thrill-seekers looking for a new way to get their adrenaline pumping should head to Colorado, where a new ride has surpassed all other river swings.

This new ride in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, dangles over a crevice that disappears 1,300 feet below before swinging at 50 miles per hour over the Colorado River.

However, it is unlikely that customers will be able to enjoy the view.


The Giant Canyon swing at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Colorado was designed by park owner Steve Beckley and is located high above the Colorado River.

Mr Beckley, 41, admits that despite designing the new ride, he has only ever tried it out once.

‘Funnily enough, despite the fact that I came up with the entire concept for the ride, I have only ever ridden it once,’ he said.


‘For several years, we had a different swing on the site, but we wanted something more extreme.’

‘When it came time to replace it, the Giant Canyon Swing seemed to be the ideal choice.

‘It’s pneumatically powered and much faster, so there’s a lot more adrenaline rush.’


‘And the location on the rim of Glenwood Canyon adds to the excitement.’

Steve explained why, despite the obvious risk, thrill seekers continue to flock to this one-of-a-kind contraption.

‘The public reaction is definitely mixed,’ he said.


‘People usually scream while riding it, so first-timers hear that as they approach the ride.

‘Then they’re either thrilled or terrified when they see the drop off down into the canyon, and sometimes both.’

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