Iran Unveiled: Unmissable Adventures and Activities Await

Darbest Salt Mountain In Iran

darbest salt mountain in iran

Something truly fascinating can be found in Hormozgan province: the Darbest Salt Dome. It is only 4 kilometers from Bastak’s quaint Darbest village. Consider a large circle around 4 kilometers in diameter; this is the dome! The salt in this dome is similar to conventional salt, but it contains additives such as iron and other substances. But here’s the beautiful part: in some spots, the salt resembles glass, all clear and clean. It occasionally displays amazing forms like cubes. This is due to a unique process that alters the salt.

Azadi Tower – Modern Tribute to An Ancient Culture

azadi tower

If you’ve seen photos of Tehran, chances are you’ve seen Azadi Tower. It’s one of Iran’s most recognizable sights, and you can’t visit Iran without taking at least one selfie in front of its marble-clad span.

The Azadi Tower is a modern homage to Iran’s ancient heritage, built to commemorate the 2,500th anniversary of the first Persian Empire. The monument is impressive from a distance, but it is even more impressive up close, with exquisite turquoise tiles adorning the crevices between the marble.

Azadi Tower is adjacent to the airport, making it a convenient first or last stop when seeing Iran. There are two metro stations nearby, the nearest of which is Meyran-e Azadi. It is free to view the Tower from the square, but there is a cost to walk inside.

Tabiat Bridge: Perfect for Sunset Views Over Tehran

tabiat bridge

Nothing captures the modern face of Iran more than Tabiat Bridge. The 270-metre building, designed by local architect Leila Araghian, is young, bright, and modern, just like many of those who traverse its very cool spans.

A twilight stroll along the bridge is an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with Iran’s capital. You’ll meet a lot of locals, both young and old, and get to see the city skyline and mountain views while being thankful you’re not in the knotted Tehrani traffic below.

Kandovan – Wander A Village Of Cave Dwellings


If you’re staying in Tabriz for a few days, try taking a half-day trip to Kandovan, a quirky troglodyte village.

Kandovan is unquestionably one of Iran’s most unusual tourist destinations. It’s intriguing, though, and a stroll around the streets allows you to marvel at how people transformed an ancient and alien landscape of volcanic rock into a community of warm dwellings replete with electricity and plumbing.

Kandovan is roughly 60 kilometers from Tabriz and takes about an hour to get there. We booked a taxi there and back through our hotel, which included a couple of hours of waiting time. There was also an IRR40,000 car admission charge for the village.

Qal’eh Rudkhan – Fortress In The Sky

qaleh rudkhan

Set away your expectations of flat, arid Iranian desert views, since you might find yourself believing you’ve stepped into Europe when you trek into the cool, lush green mountainscape encircling Rudkhan Castle.

This spooky, well-preserved stronghold has been guarding Iran’s Caspian Sea frontier against Arab invaders for more than a century. With 1,500 metres of battlements and more than 40 towers, it is still an impressive sight today.

Rudkhan Castle is approximately 90 minutes by car from Rasht. Spend an entire day exploring the area, or combine it with a trip to Masuleh, as we did. The trail cost IRR150,000 to enter.

Masjid Nasir ol-Molk

masjid nasir ol molk

A visit to lovely Nasir ol-Molk, probably one of the most photographed sites in all of Iran, is equal parts amazement and irritation, but it should surely be on your Iran itinerary.

Every morning, as the first light of day floods in through its stained glass windows, the ornately columned prayer hall of Shiraz’s Pink Mosque erupts into a riot of kaleidoscopic color.

Nasir ol-Molk is located in Shiraz’s centre. Check the time of sunrise and the mosque’s operating hours before visiting. Each entry cost IRR 200,000.

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