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Traveling can be one of the most gratifying experiences…especially if you have a few helpful hints. “What is your most beneficial uncommonly known travel tip?” questioned redditor u/empmccoy. Some of the responses are listed below.

Consider how you’ll get from the airport to your accommodation ahead of time

When you first arrive, you’re exhausted, unable to think straight, and eager to get to your room. Plan your transportation ahead of time by doing some study.

airport transfer

If you need to rent a car, go to a location that is a short drive from the airport instead of renting from a car rental site at the airport

rent a car

Get a credit card with access to airport lounges. It will never be the same again

airport lounge

Street food is some of the best food you can find

street food

Learn a few simple phrases or words in the native language, such as ‘please,’ ‘thank you,’ and so on

If you make an effort to connect with people, you’ll have a better time connecting with them, and locals will be unexpectedly nice and helpful.

meet the locals

Eat what the locals recommend rather than what you think you’ll enjoy

local food

Put your cash and credit cards among your luggage items. When it’s not required, don’t bring everything with you at once

luggage prepered from a trip

Check with your hotel staff about the cost of a local cab to or from your intended location

Confirm it with your cab driver ahead of time so that he or she does not overcharge you.


When traveling internationally, visit local grocery stores and markets

local grocery stores

Many European cities provide free walking tours…that are, in fact, free

They’re a fantastic way to meet new people, learn about history, and obtain advice from your tour guide.

walking tours

You’ll forget how much that cool thing you wanted to do actually cost you, but you’ll never forget doing it


Travel alone at least once in your life

travel alone

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