Discover the Magic of Lapland – Top Activities

Lapland, the magical winter wonderland on Europe’s northernmost regions, is an exciting place to spend your winter holidays, seeing the Northern Lights, trying some unusual activities, and meeting Santa Claus.

This one-of-a-kind region within the Arctic Circle, spanning the north of Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Russia’s Kola Peninsula, is a magnificent winter destination and a fascinating experience, with its 200 long days of winter, huge glittering expanses of snow, amazing wildlife, and displays so pristine that they take your breath away.

Here are the top ten winter activities in Lapland:

#1 Meet Santa Claus


Although some may call it a tourist trap, one thing is certain: you cannot leave Lapland without visiting Santa Claus Village. After all, this is Santa’s only official residence and a one-of-a-kind experience in and of itself. It is located on the Arctic Circle, 8 kilometers north of Rovaniemi, and is accessible via a 30-minute bus ride from the city.

The Santa Claus Post Office, where children are greeted with a plethora of Christmas-related items, as well as the official Santa Claus’ Office, where visitors can actually meet Santa, are highlights. Another unique feature is the white painted line that marks the Arctic Circle. In addition, the village is home to a fantastic selection of restaurants, souvenir shops, and colorfully lit ice sculptures.

#2 Have a good time at Santa Park

santa parl

Santa Park is an underground amusement park and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Rovaniemi, located just a short walk from Santa Claus Village.

The Christmassy theme park welcomes visitors with fascinating attractions and activities such as fun sleigh rides, stunning ice galleries, and a variety of family-friendly workshops and elf shows. In addition, the facility houses an ice bar, a special Christmas carousel, and Mrs. Gingerbread’s famous gingerbread house.

#3 Take a Husky/Reindeer/Snowmobile Safari

husky safari

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be pulled on a sled by huskies or reindeers while taking in the fairytale-like Lappish scenery? A winter trip to Santa’s land will undoubtedly provide you with the best husky safaris, the best reindeer sleigh rides, and the most thrilling snowmobile adventures.

Excursions with huskies and reindeer are popular activities in Lapland, and they are frequently organized throughout the populated areas. A reindeer safari in Lapland, whether a short ride or a longer journey over tens of kilometers accompanied by traditional lunch and hot beverages, will allow you to explore the frozen wilderness and learn about the peculiar local culture, as will an exhilarating husky expedition.

#4 See the Northern Lights

northern lights lapland

The Northern Lights, widely regarded as nature’s most spectacular display, can be seen dancing across the Arctic sky of Finnish Lapland between January and April. Unfortunately, the eerie phenomenon cannot be predicted, but keep your eyes wide open when the night is clear and dark!

Kittilä and Saariselkä are two of the best places in Finnish Lapland to see the Aurora Borealis.

#5 Enjoy the Cute Animals at Levin Lapinkyla


The charming Finnish culture and traditions can be fully experienced by visitors at Levin Lapinkyla, a traditional farm in Lapland. The variety of attractions includes anything from reindeer rides and smoke saunas to fantastic restaurants and cafés serving traditional Lapp cuisine in a lovely setting.

The domestic animal farm in Levin Lapinkyla, which is teeming with alpacas, reindeers, sheep, goats, rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs, and various adorable birds, is the attraction of the place.

They also provide lodging in contemporary huts with glass roofs that were built specifically for viewing the Northern Lights.

#6 Relax in the World’s Only Sauna Gondola

sauna gondola

The sauna has historically been used in this region of the world for bathing and relaxation and is frequently seen as a landmark of Finland. However, despite the fact that many nations have embraced and modernized this practice, for Finns it has remained the same hallowed rite that is firmly ingrained in their culture.

Fortunately, you may enjoy a sauna anywhere: in local houses and cottages, hotels, or public spaces. According to Wikipedia, Finland has more saunas than people. The one and only Ylläs sauna gondola, a fantastic 2-hour experience that allows you to observe the stunning snow-capped surrounds from a unique gondola fitted with an electric sauna, is the place to go for the ultimate sauna experience, though.

#7 Go Ski in Ylläs Ski Resort

olympus digital camera

The longest runs in Finland can be found at Ylläs, a well-liked ski resort that spans two villages (Yllasjarvi and Käslompolo) and is a haven for snowboarders and skiers alike. Visitors searching for breathtaking mountain scenery will likely be let down, but those seeking excellent snowboarding, off-piste terrain, Telemark skiing, and lots of fun in the snow would be pleasantly delighted by the wide range of options available.

Along with a good number of pubs, restaurants, and lodging options, the Ylläs ski resort also provides a variety of entertainment activities, including husky and reindeer safaris, snowmobiling excursions, horseback riding, and even winter swimming in an ice hole for the most daring tourists.

#8 Visit the Arktikum


Arktikum, which is situated in a stunning location on the banks of the River Ounasjoki, is one of the best tourism destination in Finland and one of Rovaniemi’s important cultural destinations. The appealing museum presents the history and culture of Finnish Lapland and the Arctic region and provides in-depth details about the way of life, folklore, and traditions of the residents from ancient times to the present.

The Arctic Centre Library, a charming gift shop selling authentic Sámi handicrafts and fine reindeer leather accessories, as well as an attractive café where guests may enjoy speciality coffees and delectable Nordic food, are additional attractions at the Arktikum Science Museum.

The picturesque Arktikum Beach Park nearby is an excellent place to view the Aurora Borealis in the winter because it is surrounded by lush alpine vegetation.

#9 Sleep in a Snow Hotel

snow hotel

It is understandable that Lapland Hotels SnowVillage offers visitors such a genuine Lappish experience given its location among breathtaking surroundings, about 200 kilometres above the Arctic Circle. The village, which is made completely of snow and ice, has a fantastic ice hotel, a chic ice bar, a restaurant, wonderfully lit snow and ice sculptures, and a variety of snow slides for kids to enjoy.

Overall, even though visiting this winter wonderland may cost you some money, the experience is priceless. So even if you can’t afford the full package, a layover here is definitely advised.

#10 Enjoy the Ice Music Festival

emile holba

In Lulea, Swedish Lapland, a beautiful event is currently taking place. The city’s picturesque park, Gültzauudden, plays host to Ice Music, a singular and enchanted occasion that celebrates the area’s winter grandeur. Everything takes place inside a unique performance venue that resembles an igloo, where a professional orchestra performs classical music on remarkable instruments made of ice. The ultimate result is a brand-new genre of art that gives visitors a distinctive experience by fusing music, color, and ice.

When renowned ice artist Tim Linhart had the notion to make ice musical instruments a few years ago, the idea began to take shape. In 2003, he started researching the special characteristics of ice and constructed his first effective ice instruments. Tim founded Ice Music as the project’s intricacy increased. The one-of-a-kind event, which takes place from December until the beginning of April, is open to the public.

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