Dine in the Wizarding World: Discover the Harry Potter-Inspired Restaurant in Budapest


“THE MAGIC” Budapest is a must-see attraction if you’re a fan of Harry Potter! With a large hall, a bar with a self-stirring pot, quirky clouds and lightning on the ceiling, and paintings on the walls, the restaurant welcomes you to a magical world of Harry Potter and beyond. Instead of looking like Hogwarts, it resembles a medieval castle with references to many locations and scenes from J. K. Rowling’s books, including as the talking hat, flying broomsticks, and traveling portal fireplace. Even magic wands are available, and you can use them to duel. The staff is dressed in attire that is similar to those of Gryffindor students.


In addition to the decor, the food is presented stylishly. But take note: You must mention at least one Harry Potter spell in order to receive your order. The list of magic foods and beverages also includes, but is not limited to, a variety of smoky “potions,” butternut beer, Hagrid’s giant burger (it is enormous), Black magic burger in the black bun (no artificial coloring; the bun is colored by cuttlefish ink), Kraken’s prey (black pasta with shrimps), and Orc treat magic waffle.


TIP: Reserving a table in advance is advised given how busy the restaurant is. To get a table on a Saturday night, I had to wait a few days.

FUN FACT: The restaurant is directly next to an escape room.

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