Amazing places to visit in USA

You could see seven states at once in Georgia.

From this spot, you can see 7 different states.

seven states

Miss Baker the squirrel monkey, who became the first animal to be sent to space by NASA and return safely in 1959, has a memorial in Alabama.

Miss Baker lived another 25 years after her amazing voyage.

miss baker

You may hike to this crashed B-23 bomber in Idaho.

b23 dragon

You can visit this extraordinarily small jail in Illinois.

small jail

This beautiful cranberry bog can be found in Maine.

cranberry bog

One of the oldest houses in the United States can be found in Massachusetts (built in 1660).

The Pickering family built the oldest house in America around 1660 (Salem, Massachusetts).

salem house

A to-scale Stonehenge replica can be found in Montana.

stonehenge montana

Lady Desert: The Venus of Nevada is a Lego-like statue that can be found in Nevada.

nevada statue

You could go to Roswell, New Mexico, and see everything alien (like this sign outside a mall).

alien roswell

You can visit Mercy Brown’s cemetery in Rhode Island, where 19th-century Rhode Islanders believed she was a real-life vampire.

mercy grave

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