Amazing “Hobbit” Hotel in Mexico Is Like Something From a Dream


If you enjoy both travel and the Lord of the Rings, a trip to Hobbiton has most likely been on your bucket list for some time. But, let’s be honest, not everyone can afford to fly to New Zealand. But don’t despair: if you reside in North America, there’s a spot with halfling charm that’s a little closer to home than Hobbiton.

Hotel Tapasoli is located in S.L.P., Mexico. We could have believed we were transported to the Shire after watching travel blogger @epic.stays’ video of the hobbity hotel.


Consider the Shire with a tropical twist! We’re madly in love. This resort is so vibrant and inventive that it feels like something out of a fantasy. This location is an incredible jewel, whether you’re a devout Lord of the Rings fan, a hobbit at heart, or just a fan of entertaining, quirky hotels.


However, these “hobbit holes” were not initially designed with halflings in mind. According to a Mexico News Daily story, the hotel’s architect, Alberto Muoz González, created these as “burrow homes,” with the intention of mimicking the natural habitats of a local mammal, the lowland paca. People were quick to draw comparisons to Tolkein’s hobbit tunnels, and by all reports, Mr. Muoz González doesn’t appear to mind.


Despite the fact that the hotel’s similarity to Hobbiton was unintentional, people still think Hotel Tapasoli is Shire-ific! “I’d want this music played through speakers at all times during my stay or no deal,” @apple36131 asserted. “If you ever pass through Bag End, tea is served at 4 p.m.” You are always welcome. “Don’t bother knocking,” @ohlookasni advised, referencing Bilbo Baggins.


While it is not the official Hobbiton, Hotel Tapasoli is a delightfully unexpected fantasy environment where tourists can pretend to be returning to Bag End… even if just for a day or two.

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