10 Regions You Should Visit in 2022

Puerto Rico

view of sea against buildings in city

Puerto Rico will warm your heart and lift your spirits. The standard crowd-pleasers are year-round sun, uplifting tropical rhythms, and sloth-inducing beaches. This remarkable little archipelago knows how to weather a storm and pull through after hurricanes and earthquakes.

Westfjords, Iceland


The Westfjords, known for their remote and scenic locations, are an unforgettable getaway. The area appears to be trying to get away from mass tourism, with its clutch of finger-like fjords reaching out towards Greenland. Discover charming villages, breathtaking landscapes, epic Icelandic history, and an abundance of wildlife.

The Scenic Rim, Australia

the scenic rim australia

The Scenic Rim has long had a lot going for it as a tourist destination, with its ecolodges, wineries, six national parks, and World Heritage-listed Gondwana Rainforests. After recovering from the Black Summer bushfires, it now has a slew of new attractions and a renewed emphasis on sustainability.

Kent’s Heritage Coast, England

kents heritage coast

The English county of Kent’s Downs and Heritage Coast are currently being considered for Unesco World Heritage Site status. Long stretches of beautiful, iconic white cliffs, the revitalization of its two main towns, historic Dover and creative Folkestone, and idyllic countryside bordering it all give reason to believe it will succeed.

West Virginia, USA

west virginia 1

West Virginia has been overshadowed by its neighbors at times. Visitors will discover an unspoiled region with unspoiled mountains and unmistakable heritage, where the leisurely pace of Southern small towns converges with adrenaline sports that draw adventurers from all over the continent.

Vancouver Island, Canada

vancouver island canada

Vancouver Island has evolved into a hip destination with surfing beaches, boutique vineyards, community-led trail-building initiatives, and locavore restaurants. Whether you’re looking for skiing, Pacific breakers, or human-powered transportation, you’ll find it here.

Shikoku, Japan

shikoku japan

Get off the beaten path and discover examples of the country’s honne, or the private face that few foreigners have the opportunity to see unless they take a few detours. On Shikoku, an ancient Buddhist pilgrimage in a “zero-waste” town and the remote Iya Valley can reveal a true sense of community.

Xishuangbanna, China

xishuangbanna china

The Lancang (Mekong) River has long symbolized the peaceful pace of life in Xishuangbanna’s market towns and remote tropical jungles. Intensive tourism infrastructure, as well as the completion of the high-speed China-Laos Railway project, have put Xishuangbanna on track to reclaim its historic role as a central hub of Southeast Asian travel and trade.

Atacama Desert, Chile

atacama desert chile

It’s difficult to top the space in South America’s oldest, highest, and driest desert, the Atacama Desert. This planet-like destination is one of the world’s premier stargazing destinations, with its lunar-like landscapes and extra-terrestrial colors.

Burgundy, France

burgundy france

Burgundy (Bourgogne in French) encapsulates la belle France in a nutshell: fine food and wine, lyrical landscapes, and unrivaled cultural heritage. This agricultural region of central-eastern France is a rallying point for the celebration of French vineyards and the promotion of sustainable viticulture.

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