Fu De Keng Cemetery’s Ancient History and Importance

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The Fu De Keng Cemetery is a cemetery in Taiwan’s Taipei City. The cemetery, which is 47 hectares (120 acres) in size, has been utilized for burials since the late 18th century. Taiwan has classified Fu De Keng Cemetery as a National Cultural Heritage Site.

It is an old cemetery in the Taipei neighborhood of Gongguan (previously known as Shulin District) that is home to many important Taiwanese people. The cemetery is named after the Chinese god of fortune and wealth, whose surname was Fu (meaning “good fortune”).

It was founded in 1882, following the death of a shaman named fu de keng. Shops selling luxury items, food stalls and restaurants serving local cuisine, and cultural performances such as opera singing and dance performances by famous Taiwanese traditional music & dance troupe “the hsiang-huang,” who perform every few days or so, are all common.

The history and significance of Fu De Keng Cemetery is that it is the only cemetery founded by Europeans in Taiwan. British trader Thomas Glover founded his cannery in Tamsui in 1854, and he has been buried there since 1885, when this small town has grown into a bustling urban zone noted for its seafood cuisine.

Fu De Keng Cemetery’s Amazing Geography and Design

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Taiwan’s Fu De Keng Cemetery is a work of geography and design. The cemetery, which is located on a mountainside, is surrounded by thick flora and offers spectacular views of the surrounding environment.

The cemetery is separated into sections, each with its own distinct design and function. The primary component is the burial area, which is laid out in a grid-like arrangement. The graves are composed of polished black granite and are ornately carved and inscribed.

The cemetery, in addition to the burial area, features a memorial space where people can pay their respects to loved ones. This area is modeled after a traditional Chinese courtyard, with a central pavilion surrounded by smaller structures and gardens.

The utilization of natural elements in the construction of Fu De Keng Cemetery is one of its most stunning aspects. The cemetery is designed to blend in with its surroundings, with trees and other plants included into the design. As a result, the setting is tranquil and serene, and it feels like a natural extension of the mountain landscape.

Fu De Keng Cemetery exemplifies the power of creative design and a great appreciation for nature. Its one-of-a-kind combination of geography and design makes it a really fascinating spot and a fitting final resting place for individuals who are buried there.

The People Involved in the Construction and Administration of Fu De Keng Cemetery

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The commitment and hard work of many people, including architects, engineers, landscapers, and maintenance workers, went into the design and maintenance of Taiwan’s Fu De Keng Cemetery.

Chen Yifeng, a prominent Taiwanese architect, created the cemetery, drawing inspiration from traditional Chinese architecture and the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains. Chen’s goal was to create a place that blended in with the surroundings while also adding characteristics of traditional Chinese style.

Chen collaborated closely with a team of engineers and construction workers who excavated and leveled the mountainside to create the cemetery’s terraced arrangement. A comprehensive drainage system was also developed to minimize erosion and preserve the stability of the mountain slope.

After the building was finished, a team of landscapers and gardeners took over the cemetery’s upkeep. Their task was to keep the cemetery’s plants and vegetation lush and bright, while also preserving the cleanliness and look of the burial and monument areas.

The employees at Fu De Keng Cemetery take tremendous satisfaction in their work, which they regard as a holy duty to commemorate the memories of those who are buried there. They labor tirelessly to keep the cemetery a tranquil and serene final resting place for future generations.

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